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A selection of testimonials from labels or managers 

After developing Harry Gardner and his forthcoming recordings for over a year, ROTD proved an indispensable feature to put the artist's new single 'Oblivious' on the industry map, and position him as an emerging UK frontline Pop talent. Soon after we saw Harry receive editorial praise from BBC Radio, Press and across DSP support such as Spotify's New Pop UK. Kevin and the team were hugely effective and worked with our release schedules to land this campaign as one.
James Gardiner, Director, Lyricom Artist Services

We always suggest RoTD to Artists and their teams ahead of campaign launch because we understand the impact and visibility the feature creates. Recent RoTD features have created connections and discussions around several of our artists as well as introductions to members of the music industry around the globe. The RotD team are always happy to collaborate to ensure the artist gets the most out of their moment and feedback from labels and team has always been positive in terms of what was achieved following the piece running online.
Shane Hawkins, Weller Media Agency

Record of the Day was an integral part in terms of the UK & overseas industries getting to hear about Robert Grace. Within a week of Robert’s track ‘Fake Fine’ being featured (on June 15th 2020) we began to receive calls from all sectors of the industry which led to Robert signing to RCA US / Sony Music Europe. When FYA Fox’s track ‘Body’ was featured in February 2021 we immediately had publishers and pluggers reaching out which led to FYA having zoom sessions with a lot of reputable writers / producers and she was also added to Spotify’s Fresh New Finds playlist. Not bad for a brand new artist!
Dave Reid, Broadcast Management & Events

On RuthAnne’s single ‘Love Again’, ROTD’s feature lead to interest from all areas, including DSPs and promoters. The feature was a direct link to great people we didn’t think of reaching out to.. 
Alastair Webber, The Other Songs

Using RoTD has created connections and discussions around many of our artists as well as introductions to members of the music industry around the world. A vital tool in today’s music marketing landscape.
Alex Pilkington, Funnel Music

Always a pleasure dealing with Kevin and the team at ROTD. If you don't check Record of the day website every day, you are definitely missing out. Great source of information for artists, managers, labels...Get on it!!!
Ivan K., Diffusion Lab - Soulé & Jafaris

Record of the day was absolutely brilliant for me in 2018. They supported not one but two of my singles released on my own independent label ‘Music Core’ - ‘Can’t Dance’ & ‘Nothing More’. 
I released ‘Can’t Dance’ independently in August and got Record of the Day and Record of the Week. This was a massive statement to the industry that my voice may be widely known on dance pop records but now my own artist project was coming through. I had a great reaction from managers to PR to people in the industry who let me know they’d seen the ROTD post & were impressed by it. ROTD has been a huge support to me as an artist & Kevin, in particular, has been brilliant!

ROTD was an integral part of The Blinders’ campaign in 2018, from the beginning of the campaign with Modern Sky UK at the start of the year, through to album release that autumn.  We saw it as a means to help raise the profile of the band within the UK and global media following some sterling early work and fanbase building, and to clarify / cement the potential we all believe the band have.  ROTD was certainly in line with that belief too, and the band's profile was duly raised considerably following each appearance they made.
Matt Dixon, Band2Market

After having Shaqdi’s debut single as Record of the Day in early 2018, we experienced a significant increase in interest from radio pluggers, publishers, music supervisors etc. This has been incredibly useful when launching a new artist with a very small team and budget. RotD is definitely one of the best ways out there to get your music in front of the industry.
Casper Faartoft, Manager Shaqdi

We were really happy with the response to our Record Of The Day feature and that the track ended up as Record Of The Week also. We noticed a tangible difference in pick-up of the single around the time of the feature and also a lot of outreach from useful contacts and support for the campaign. Would definitely work with RotD on a piece again.
Aled Chivers - Chiverin - Fenne Lily

Record Of The Day always plays a crucial part in our release campaigns, especially when breaking newer artists. With our latest July 7 release the feature on ROTD ensured the EP was firmly in the headphones of music people across the world first thing in the morning, and the interest we've had in the release and artist off the back of the feature has been brilliant.
Josh Freeman, Holy Toto Management

After you added a beautifully written feature about Harry Pane's latest release, Here We Stay, I was pleasantly surprised to see evidence of the clout the publication has.  I was contacted by many interesting industry bods including pluggers, A&R and producers and it resulted in a publishing deal through a major label.  Thank you ROTD!"
Natalie Earle - NEArtist Management

Having one of our releases featured as ROTD has proved an excellent resource for us, especially when launching brand new artists on their debut single. What other means do you have to get in front of so many industry folk before they've even had their first cup of coffee?
Alex Bean, 37 Adventures – Featured Artists – Jones, Salute & Geowulf

'We were very pleased when ROTD featured AWATE's  Fresh Product, and had a really easy time working with them to release the track at the right time in our campaign. After the feature, we immediately had professionals in radio, management and sync opportunities contact us about working with AWATE. ROTD were always accommodating, prompt, helpful and worked with us to have an easy and really beneficial experience with them. Would definitely recommend!’ 
Becka Hudson, AWATE

Not only am I an avid user of ROTD on a daily basis but after the blog featured ASHA in their mailer we ended up talking to publishers, sync agencies, radio stations around the globe and have added a string of new contacts to our database since then. I can only recommend the service -  and thanks to the music team at ROTD for selecting continuously great records!
Rene Renner, Feraltone, ASHA Manager

Record of the Day are a hugely influential platform for artists and industry bodies who are looking for a one stop shop for industry news and updates. They form an imperative part of any campaign for my artists.Neal Handforth, Strategia Music, Dancing On Tables

Record Of The Day is a great business to business platform to feature the launch of a new artist single. We’ve always had very positive responses to many of our artist ROTD exclusives forThe Answer, The Nectars, Amy Montgomery and a firm publishing offer and deal for Aaron Keylock. Music professionals listen to ROTD and value it’s A&R filter. Long may it continue.
James Cassidy, JABA Music / 7Hz Productions

The ROTD feature for the Hannah Jane Lewis single Raincheck really helped generate global industry awareness of the track. We were subsequently approached by various people with offers of live shows and promotional opportunities which all helped make this initial part of the campaign a great success.

Matthew Rumbold, Tileyard Management

Since ROTD featured “Sister” by Janileigh Cohen, we have had a welcome slew of opportunities come in for Janileigh, including management, publicity, producers and agents. We are now in negotiations with a number of industry professionals whom will be bringing further value to Janileigh’s career. This is all thanks to ROTD and it’s incredible database.
Alex Pilkington, Funnel Music

The ROTD feature on William The Conqueror worked really well for us as a label and we subsequently had plenty of contact from many different areas of the business that helped us immensely with the ongoing album campaign.
Tom Bridgewater, Loose Music

As a manager who looks after self-releasing artists, I always make RotD part of all my artists release plans. It has proven to be looked at by many influential people and I have had loads of interest and contact from this essential tool. Featured tracks: Velcro by Jerry Williams; Revolving Doors by Michael Baker; I'm Not In Love With You by Jerry Williams
Jeff Powell, Big Hug Management

I love RotD.  A daily indispensable digest of so much essential information. And, I know I'm not alone. So many of my colleagues and peers find it equally useful.

Whenever our music is featured, it always adds a sense of occasion to the campaign. A brilliant way to bring our music to the attention of the entire business.
Tom Lewis, Managing Director, Decca

The ROTD feature for Penny Police back in May was a massive boost for us and an artist we are totally in love with and have been working with a few years, but who is based in Denmark. It helped get the radar blipping with industry in the UK head of an EP in the new year and album later next year. The respect ROTD has with industry both at home and abroad was a great weapon in the PR arsenal. Thanks guys.
Chris Sheehan, Karousel Music – Featured Artist – Penny Police

Both my artists Mark Elliott and Nick Wilson were featured on ROTD this year, I cant recommend them enough, they were so easy to work with and seemed like the really cared about both the features. We received detailed write ups, and the response we had was amazing. On the day the feature went live, i had multiple emails from many various people within the music industry expressing thier interest in both my artists. I personally think ROTD is definitely an important part of any release strategy.
Bjorn Franklin, Fairweather MGMT

ROTD has been a great platform for me, and has become a necessity for me as an unsigned artist when releasing new music. I’ve gained so many connections in terms of management and beyond.
Lauren Hibberd, Independent Artist

Having had acts featured by the editorial team at RotD has, on numerous occasions, elicited a range of curious parties getting in touch from across the industry, and more so than spending thousands on PR, from the reactions to being featured, I can only assume the people that read RotD seem to actually... listen to the tracks too, imagine that.
Ally McCrae, Two Up MGMT & Radio

Just a quick update as a matter of courtesy to let you know we had some very very respected UK music industry legends reach out today after reading Record of the Day. Will tell you more over a pint but it’s been a brilliant response and it’s not even lunchtime!!
Stephen O’Reilly, Head of Marketing i.e. Music - Featured Track - Cobwebs by David Keenan



Success Stories

We're really behind on writing up individual stories about successes, but we'll soon get round to explaining our early and influential support for the likes of:

Dan Croll, D.A., Saint Raymond, Sam Smith, Lucius, Amber Run, Martin Garrix, Darlia, Bipolar Sunshine, AWOLNATION, Foxes, Passenger, Elli Ingram, Claire, Neon Jungle, Chloe Howl, Sonnentanz, Half Moon Run, Icona Pop, Sneakbo, Robin Thicke, Fuse ODG, Betty Who, Chris Maliinchak, SOHN, Sky Ferreira, Clean Bandit, Duke Dumont, Kodaline, Disclosure and Laura Mvula.

Kate Nash

30 June 2010

First featured: 09 August 2006 , unsigned Results: signed to Fiction/Polydor, completed publishing deal after RotD feature Upon hearing about...

The King Blues - Mr Music Man / Come Fi Di Youth

30 June 2010

First featured08 November 2006 / 12 July 2007 Results: signed to Field Records When Mr Music Man was played at our round...

The Hoosiers - Worried About Ray

30 June 2010

First featured June 2006 Result: signed to RCA, two Top 5 hits and a double-platinum album Steve Morton Steve Morton, who we...

Scouting For Girls

30 June 2010

First featured: April 3rd 2007 Result: signed to RCA, showcase gig organised by RotD, publishing deal. Sarah Pearson from Wasted Youth told...

Gnarls Barkley - Crazy

30 June 2010

First featured: wrote about in November 2005, featured on February 16 2006 Result: UK's first digital-only No.1in April 2006. 'Crazy' was an...

Fredo Viola - The Sad Song

30 June 2010

First featured: January 18 2005, again in December 2007 Result: collaborations with Massive Attack, signed to Because Music, synch opportunities The tracks...

Fedde Le Grand - Put Your Hands Up For Detroit

30 June 2010

First featured: 15 September 2006. Result: No.1 hit in November 2006. “I think RotD is a very good early indication for...

The Fray - How To Save A Life

30 June 2010

First featured: January 17 2007 Result: A No.1 hit in April 2007 Sometimes a hit record that comes form across the Atlantic...

Plain White Ts - Hey There Delilah

30 June 2010

First featured: July 30 2007 Result: Hit in September 2007. Another track which seemed like an unstoppable radio hit when we heard...

Tom Baxter - Better

30 June 2010

First featured Tom in April 2003 Joe Taylor picked a Tom Baxter back when Record of the Day first started in...

Frankmusik - Three Little Words

30 June 2010

First featured: 08 August 2007 Result: signed to Island, two Top 30 hits in 2009 Frankmusik was one of many tips we...

Midnight Juggernauts - Into The Galaxy

30 June 2010

First featured: 31 August 2007 Result: Signed to EMI Being the radio-addicted nerds that we are, we were listening to Triple J...

The Yeah Yous - 15 Minutes

30 June 2010

unsigned First featured: 05 October 2007 Result: Signed to Island, Top 40 hit in June 2009 We had a tip-off about The Yeah...

Sam Sparro - Black & Gold

30 June 2010

unsigned featured 02 November 2007/ again in February 2008 Our friends at A&R Worldwide tipped us off to the presence in LA...

Jay Sean

30 June 2010

We've long been proud supporters of Britsh talent at Record of the Day, and we're proudest when we can track...

Mumford & Sons - Roll Away Your Stone

30 June 2010

First featured: 04 July 2008 Result: signed to Island, top-selling album We wrote about the Mumford & Sons track 'White Blank...

Kid Adrift - Red, Green and Blue

30 June 2010

First featured: June and October 2009 Result: signed to Island One of the most gratifying things that happens when few feature an...

Newton Faulkner

01 June 2010

After our first feature, Newton signed a publishing/ production deal with Peermusic UK. By the second time we featured him...


18 August 2009

RotD's decision to support them changed everything. When we featured No Tomorrow in August 2005 the response was immediate and...

Fear Of Music

09 December 2008

Introducing many in the industry to the band for the first time by featuring their song The Waltz,we wrote: 'This...


05 August 2008

We wrote at the time "This is a song, lyric and vocal performance that really seems to touch people, and...

Crazy Frog/Axel F

29 July 2008

There were many Crazy Frog-based tunes looking to achieve success in the singles chart at this time, but our music...


29 May 2008

RotD first featured Grace in January 2005, when we wrote: 'This is track three on Grace's debut single and it...

David Ford

29 May 2008

We love David Ford's music and his uncompromising approach. When we first featured his wonderful track "I Don't Care What...

The Spinto Band

20 May 2008

This has potential to become an indie classic in the vein of Float On by Modest Mouse. For the moment...

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