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Fear Of Music

Introducing many in the industry to the band for the first time by featuring their song The Waltz,we wrote: 'This is our favourite discovery so far from the demos of bands playing at In The City. Yes, it's a waltz about a waltz, and we'd already decided we liked it when we found out the band are in their early to mid teens.' In The City's astute choice to feature the band on its live programme was boosted by our feature and gig recommendation, with interest quickly pouring in for what was at the time a completely unsigned act. In true RotD style, we stuck with Fear of Music and featured them again in January 2005. Featuring new song Skin and Bones we wrote: 'There were hints of great songwriting ability on The Waltz. Now it's coming to fruition, and Skin And Bones is our favourite of the lot." Fear of Music went on to attract widespread interest, signing to heavyweight management company Nettwerk. The group have since signed to Sony BMG for records, and have just finished recording four songs in with John Leckie in Manchester for an EP to be released in May or June 2006. The group will be releasing the EP independently, and are now in the process of looking for the right partner to work the release. Nettwerk management's Jason Marcus is in no doubt about the positive effect RotD supported has had by bringing interest and attention to the group. "The exposure Fear of Music received in Record of the Day brought them a lot of interest from labels and managers," he tells us. "Record of the Day's support helped the band build their profile helped to put them in a position where they were able to choose Nettwerk and Sony BMG as their partners moving forward."

Result after RotD supported: Fear of Music signed to Sony BMG and Nettwerk Management 
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