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Crazy Frog/Axel F

There were many Crazy Frog-based tunes looking to achieve success in the singles chart at this time, but our music editor Joe Taylor realised that the Axel F version created by top German and European executive Wolfgang Boss was by far the strongest and most appealing. "As Wolfgang explains: "In the process of producing the Crazy Frog: Axel F record, I was in close contact with Joe Taylor of RotD, who provided me with very helpful information about how big the hype around the Crazy Frog really was in the UK. He explained that a Crazy Frog record would definitely have great sales potential in the UK."

RotD did much more than highlight the potential for a Crazy Frog single in the UK however, we were also instrumental in making it a no1 single. It was RotD's Joe Taylor, hearing that Gut Records' Guy Holmes was working on Crazy Frog-based records, who suggested that Gut should sign the Axel F version. As Guy explains: "We had already commissioned three tracks based on the Crazy Frog from a number of UK producers. I was talking to Joe, and he recommended that I get in touch with Wolfgang Boss, knowing that he had a really strong Crazy Frog-based tune. Everything went from there really, and Axel F's Crazy Frog was a massive hit for us." Wolfgang adds that RotD really made the difference for the success of his record, saying: "Joe was also instrumental in arranging the cooperation with Guy Homes and Gut." Holmes neatly summarises RotD's involvement in the Crazy Frog's success by saying: "Record of the Day was right on the money from the word go."

Result after RotD supported: UK no1 single 
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