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David Ford

We love David Ford's music and his uncompromising approach. When we first featured his wonderful track "I Don't Care What You Call Me" in October 2004, we wrote: 'Here's a singer songwriter making the music he wants or more likely needs to make, regardless of commercial appeal. Yet his singing is so compelling and his ear for melody is so strong, he can't but help make appealing music.' At this point in time David Ford was unsigned both for records and publishing. Convinced of David's talent and potential, we followed his progress closely and featured his Fierce Panda single in "State of The Union" in June 2005. By this point in time, Alan Pell at Stage 3 had become aware of David thanks to RotD and signed his publishing. Soon after, David signed a longterm licensing agreement with Independiente's David Boyd. Ford's manager Dave Wibberley tells us that RotD's support was crucial to bringing in the interest he so richly deserved. "David Ford signed a long term licensing deal with Independiente on January 12, 2006 after playing a sold out Dingwalls show in London. This followed him licensing his debut album 'I Sincerely Apologise For All The Trouble I've Caused' to Independiente in September 2005. After his February UK tour, David will be heading out to the USA where there is a seriously impressive pack of A&R legends wanting to sign him to their respective labels. The original plan had been to release David's self made album on his my tiny label 'themagnolialabel', but when RotD featured 'I Don't Care What You Call Me' just before Christmas 2004 both Alan Pell and Steve Lewis of Stage Three Music Publishing heard it on the RotD website and immediately began negotiations to sign his publishing. What then happened was that the buzz got a bit bigger, the shows got a bit fuller and David Boyd got rung by Andy McDonald who offered him the A&R gig at Independiente. David Boyd, newly installed in his A&R role at Independiente, checked in with Alan Pell who told him about this great solo artist he'd signed called David Ford. Boyd and McDonald went to see David Ford playing a support slot at the 100 Club and offered to license the album the very next day. �Without RotD it's doubtful that Stage Three would have heard about David Ford at all and so, yes, you were absolutely crucial to the mix. Thanks for ever." Result after RotD supported: Signed to Stage 3 (publishing). Longterm licensing deal with Independiente.
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