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Too Big To Fail

Artist: Ariel
Label: Young Slug
Impact date: Single & Album: Out now
ROTD featured date: Thursday 24 June 2021

We say

Let us introduce you to the ex-spy-come-pop artist Ariel with this exquisite left-leaning slice of pop. She left home at the age of 13 and moved to Berlin, where she found her way into the fashion industry, ghost designing clothes for some of the biggest names in fashion before she returned to England to study Political History at Cambridge University. On graduation (First Class) she was approached by M16 to work for them but was forced to leave after six months due to health reasons. It was then that she decided to turn her attention to music and quickly began to write songs and learn how to record and produce music. Her first collection of songs, released at the end of last month, is full of riotous energy and follows a girl on a post-break-up night out. It’s a full-on trip into her world, and this track is one of the standouts. The song is a fusion of sonic elements that is part Billie Eilish’s dark pop, part Lady Gaga’s outlandish pop, and the attitude of Cardi B combined into one with a touch of Scandi cool. Ariel has created a sound that is her own and one we very much look forward to hearing more of in the future. One to watch.      


Label: Young Slug
Management: Tom Graham, Tank Management
Lawyer: Simon Dixon, Bray and Krais 

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