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All That I Stand For

Artist: ConseptandD6ixS
Label: unsigned
Impact date: February 19
ROTD featured date: Thursday 18 February 2016

We say

ConseptandD6ixS is a collaborative duo comprising of Matt Kitching (aka rapper Consept) and Dave Arnett (aka acoustic artist D6ixS). Both hailing from Hartlepool on the North Sea coast, they’re two musicians coming from very different genres but fuse neatly together on this track. The lads are songwriters and performers who had been working separately from each other for several years before hooking up to form this rock-rap duo last summer, and this is their debut release. When we first heard the huge chorus on the track, we were reminded of Steve Perry’s memorable and powerful vocals on those classic 80’s songs by Journey like Don't Stop Believin', as if he'd now been brought together with a contemporary UK urban grime act for the verses. Sounds bizarre on paper, but it really works. And it’s the kind of song you can imagine possibly hearing on the soundtrack to a big Hollywood action franchise like Fast & Furious. There’s a raw yet very cinematic edge to it, for sure. It's early days, but keep an eye and ear out for these two. 


Management and all enquiries: Vivienne Neville, VJ Artist Management +44 (0)7450 913 573 / Marcus Summerfield, Mill Lane Artist Management +44 (0)7983 644 630
Publishing: Keith Dixon, Dodxmedia 

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