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ANNOUNCING STACK RADIO APP No Talking. No Ads. Just Good Music

Introducing Stack Radio App, the DJ in your pocket and exclusive club everyone wants a membership to. A simple radio app, Stack Radio App is designed with no ads, no talking, no interruptions, just great music, specially selected by the gatekeepers of the music world.

Purveyors of quality, Stack Radio App was set up by Kiss FM founder Tosca Jackson and art world veteran and curator Max Wigram in 2018 to remove the anxiety of music listening. Investing time building a trusted circle of tastemakers, the pair set about intricately building mixtapes for fans of all music without the time to wade through the ocean of songs available. Like being in your favourite club, or that subscription to the hottest record label, Stack Radio App creates the most enjoyable music experience one track at a time, from back-in-the-day classics to essential new cuts.

Aesthetically stunning, with weekly updates and an unbelievably simple setup, Stack Radio App has a selection of carefully considered mixtapes from some of the most influential and connected people in music, to take you on a voyage through sound. From legendary designer Pam Hogg to actor Russell Tovey and DJ to the stars Fat Tony to Texas front-women Sharleen Spiteri, to name just a few, each providing a glimpse into their musical world or taking you back to the dance floor. A one stop music shop, you can also sit back and select one of three simple choices, ‘Slow’, Medium’ or ‘Fast’, allowing Stack Radio App to create the perfect choices from their deep wealth of musical knowledge. It’s simply all the best bits of radio, with all the best DJs. 

Speaking of the app Tosca Jackson said “Streaming services opened up a whole new world of music for us, but choice became the issue -  a huge library of songs in our pockets, but without any filter. Stack Radio App is a simple filter, a gateway to great curated music. If the other streaming services were holiday camps, we set out to be the boutique hotel.”

“Choice can be overwhelming so the idea of an app that selected the best tracks for me sounded perfect” Max Wigram said on creating Stack Radio App. “Something that was beautiful and simply designed, an app I could stick on and then relax. Something of truly fantastic quality.”

Already finding champions across the music world and with a small fee of £20 for a 12 month subscription, the app is affordable access to the world’s most exclusive club. With the same love and passion for music, Stack Radio App plays differently. Join the radio revolution!

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