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TikTok Classics - memes & viral hits

TikTok Classics - memes & viral hits: Orchestral versions of 18 of the biggest sounds in a world-first TikTok album with Warner Classics


The biggest TikTok hits now sound a little different, complete with timpani and trumpets. Together with Warner Classics, TikTok is releasing TikTok Classics - memes & viral hits, this summer. A selection of 18 of the biggest TikTok hits classically arranged and newly recorded by the internationally renowned Babelsberg Film Orchestra of Germany.

The TikTok community around the world can now find 30-second versions of these classically re-imagined tracks on the platform to enjoy and use in their own video creations. The first of the full-length singles will be released on July 8 on all music streaming services, before the full album with Warner Classics lands in August, both for streaming and in retail stores. 

TikTok is not only a platform for creativity, but also the home of music discovery. Countless songs both new and old start on TikTok, building an audience that follows to streaming services and also leads to chart success. Newer songs including Alice Merton's No Roots as well as older and much loved tunes like Into The Thick Of It have become modern classics, thanks to the love of the TikTok community.

Together with Warner Classics, TikTok now takes the term "classic" quite literally. The Babelsberg Film Orchestra recorded classically arranged versions of some of TikTok's biggest viral hits for this world-first album. The campaign under the hashtag #TikTokClassics celebrates 18 of the most successful songs and sounds of recent years, while showcasing the cultural diversity of the platform and the limitless possibilities of combining musical cultures and genres.

"TikTok is the creative home of all genres of music. With TikTok Classics, we showcase the musical diversity and a new interpretation of this creativity that can be enjoyed by all our community. We want to emphasize the diversity we have on our platform and offer entertainment to users, whatever their taste in music. Through the new interpretation of TikTok Classics, we hope to bring this genre to new fans in a way that they wouldn't expect. This exciting collaboration with Warner Classics and the Babelsberg Film Orchestra is bringing this vision to life" says Michael Kümmerle, Head of Music Operations, Germany, Austria & Switzerland at TikTok. "In combination with previous campaigns like #Rock or #ClassicalMusic, we continue to develop genres to bring musical diversity to our equally diverse community of 1 billion users."

"TikTok's evolution has been breath-taking, especially in terms of the growth in older audiences. TikTok has proven to be a platform for music discovery - and TikTok-users are increasingly discovering classical music as well. With their commitment to cultural content including genres such as classical music TikTok has become an important partner for Warner Classics at lightning speed. Warner Classics is proud to be able to realize "TikTok Classics - memes and viral hits" together with the TikTok team. Arranged and produced to the highest standard, these songs known and loved by TikTok users, are presented in a different – orchestral – style. We want to showcase the possibilities, range and epic sound of a symphonic orchestra in a new context, encourage closer listening and share our passion for orchestral sound with the TikTok community" says Markus Petersen - SVP Global Operations & Business Development, Warner Classics.

The new TikTok Classics - memes & viral hits album includes songs that first found great success on TikTok as well as established tracks that through the platform, connected with a brand new generations of fans.


TikTok Classics – memes & viral Hits

List of Tracks: All tracks were recorded with the symphony orchestra ' Deutsches Filmorchester Babelsberg'.

Will be released as singles on 8 July 2022:

  1. Oh No (TikTok Classics Orchestral Version)
  1. Pieces (TikTok Classics Version) performed by Danilo Stankovic
  1. All We Got (TikTok Classics Version) performed by KIDDO
  1. Into The Thick Of It! (TikTok Classics Version) performed by 'Kids on Stage'

Will be released with the album release on 12 August 2022

  1. No Roots (TikTok Classics Version) performed by Alice Merton
  1. So (TikTok Classics Version) performed by Chloe Adams
  1. Spooky, Scary Skeletons (TikTok Classics Version) performed by Rufus Martin
  1. Wellerman Sea Shanty (TikTok Classics Version) performed by Nina Sofie
  1. Beggin' (TikTok Classics Version) performed by Kovacs
  1. Monkeys Spinning Monkeys (TikTok Classics Version)


30 second versions of the first ten songs can be previewed using this link.

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