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Synchtank releases Music Publishing in the Age of the Songwriter report


      Report draws on interviews with executives and songwriters including Björn Ulvaeus, Carianne Marshall, Jon Platt, Mary Megan Peer, Merck Mercuriadis, and Nile Rodgers.

      Delivers the most comprehensive analysis of the music publishing industry from the perspective of those leading it and the songwriters it serves.


Recent years have seen a fundamental shift in power across the music industry as creators have become more empowered than ever before. This shift has been led by new innovative technologies, changing music consumer behavior, and the launch of new business models to support creators across the industry. 

Songwriters and artists now have higher expectations of services provided by their music partners and are empowered to negotiate more favorable deal terms and demand faster and accurate remuneration for their art.

This is the focus of Synchtank's latest report which explores the impact of this revolution across the music publishing industry and its accelerated adaptation to a new era.

The report follows Synchtank's 2021 Drowning in Data: Royalty Accounting and Systems in the Digital Age report and takes a comprehensive look at how publishers can continue to empower creators by offering deals and services that promote transparency and equality while creating opportunities and maximizing value in the digital age. 


Music Publishing in the Age of the Songwriter is a vital piece of work taking a complete bird's eye view of the industry, interviewing key music publishing executives, industry thought leaders, trade associations, and both established and up-and-coming songwriters to get a precise picture of the industry in 2022. It also looks ahead to future drivers of growth and the required financial, technological, and cultural change commitments required in order for music publishers to continue to be a compelling, relevant and necessary partner to songwriters.

Rory Bernard, CEO of Synchtank says, "The last decade has been a pivotal time for the music industry as new technologies and services have disrupted historic practices and business models. This report is our way to support the future of the music publishing industry by highlighting current trends, challenges, and potential growth areas whilst emphasizing the need for continued adaptation and evolution."

Split into four sections, each to be published individually as part of a series, the report outlines the pressing issues the industry has faced in the last decade and the resolutions taken to combat them, and the evolved services and supporting technology publishers use to offer their talent a competitive offering.

Key contributors:

      Jon Platt & Antony Bebawi // Sony Music Publishing
      Carianne Marshall & Guy Moot // Warner Chappell Music 
      Mary Megan Peer // peermusic
      Marc Cimino // Universal Music Publishing Group
      Willard Ahdritz // Kobalt 
      David Israelite // National Music Publishers Association
      Merck Mercuriadis // Hipgnosis
      Larry Mestel // Primary Wave
      Golnar Khosrowshahi // Reservoir Media Management
      Mike Smith // Downtown Music Services
      Björn Ulvaeus // CISAC // ABBA
      Tom Weller // Ditto // Opulous 
      Janet Kirker & Chris Cass // Synchtank
      Helienne Lindvall // European Composer & Songwriter Alliance (ECSA)
      Graham Davies // The Ivors Academy
      Nile Rodgers 
      Ross Golan
      Justin Tranter
      Tricky Stewart
      Jin Jin
      Tayla Parks and over 30 others


 Report sections:

1.     The Evolution of Music Publishing

2.     Future-Proofing Publishing Services

3.     The Economics of Streaming

4.     Digital Drivers of Growth

The free report will be published in 4 parts, each focusing on the different sections detailed above and released weekly from 21st June 2022 onwards. Part one is available publicly here.

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