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SyncFloor Partners with Motor Music, Launches Motor Music SyncSite


SyncFloor, the commercial music marketplace, is announcing its partnership with Motor Music, bringing the label's catalog to more potential sync buyers via its newly launched Motor Music SyncSite. SyncFloor's SyncSites allow its rights holder partners to surface a sync-oriented website that presents thematic, customized blocks of tracks and allows potential users to search for and find tracks from within the partner's catalog, using natural language and cultural references.

"Instead of building their own landing page for sync purposes, Motor decided to give our SyncSite deployment a try," explains SyncFloor CEO Kirt Debique. "They were so thrilled with the results that they wanted to launch it as a live beta, even before we made it available commercially."

SyncFloor uses two simple but ingenious ways to enable music discovery. First, SyncFloor helps its partners create dynamic groups of tracks with specific but compelling search themes or vibes that highlight the partner's catalog, and second, it allows music professionals to search using the very same terms and language found in sync pitches or briefs. A SyncSite is an extension of the SyncFloor platform that represents the catalogue of a single partner. Once created, the partner can simply link to their SyncSite from an existing Partner web page. 

"Finding the perfect song for our clients often starts with trying to capture the idea behind their briefing, and we love how SyncFloor's intuitive and innovative search inspires and liberates us. It feels like we're re-discovering our own catalogue through SyncFloor's eyes!" exclaims Christian Goebel, General Manager, Motor Entertainment. "Integrating with SyncFloor on our website is an amazing way to present our catalogue, and SyncFloor's vision is a huge step forward for the industry."

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