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Sync and Production Music Hub Harvest Media Partners With AIMS API to Enrich Music Search

Production music and sync have always been about finding the right track for the scene. Finding that track efficiently has grown ever more important to this multi-billion dollar branch of the music business, as project timelines shrink and demand for content explodes.
Harvest Media, the global hub for production music management and discovery, is partnering with AIMS API to expand users' search options. Harvest Media now offers its clients around the world turnkey ways to employ AI in search, music description, and catalog tagging, via its own Evoke algorithm or using AIMS API's product, integrated directly into the Harvest Media platform.
"We're driven by a strong desire to offer incredible music search solutions to our clients, so they can better market their music for sync in TV, advertising, short-form video, and motion pictures," says Harvest Media co-founder and CEO Angus Hayes. "To do this, we offer a range of competing services so our clients can choose the best solution for their business. The options allow us to keep pace with an ever-changing landscape, without getting distracted from our core mission, to help clients grow their businesses."
Search is improving rapidly and becoming increasingly complex, offering greater numbers of methods to users. AI has expanded the options, allowing users to introduce an MP3 file or streaming music link. AI algorithms can translate an audio file into additional search parameters, letting users search for similar-sounding tracks. Similarity search can help a user find new songs that include specific kinds of vocals or instrumentation; the right tone or mood; and other audio touchpoints that go far beyond genre and BPM. And AI in production music and sync is not only being applied to generating search results, but also to presenting these results effectively.
AIMS API has been specially trained to find music for production briefs based on audio similarity. It complements Harvest Media's already robust search options.
"We are happy to team up with Harvest to bring AIMS to more music industry professionals," says AIMS Co-founder and CEO Martin Nedved. "This is an exciting opportunity for us to further showcase our proprietary AI music similarity search technology, which we are continuously making faster and more intelligent. We really think AIMS will be a game-changer for Harvest's clients, helping them to superpower their teams, maximize their catalogs and find the right tracks faster. We can't wait for the feedback!" 
Two Harvest Media clients are already taking advantage of the AIMS integration to bring AI search to their broadcast and agency clients. Polish music publisher Jaguarec, with close to 500,000 tracks under its administration, and Spanish publisher Konga Music, with nearly a million, both wanted to compete with larger publishers and services by giving cutting-edge access to their catalogs.
"We've long provided enterprise level technology and systems for production music and sync clients so they can accomplish their business goals," says Hayes. "Adding partner integrations enables us to complement our own offerings and keep bounding ahead in a dynamic and competitive marketplace."

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