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Soundful is the First AI Music Platform to Enable Stem Exporting Directly to Ableton Live

In another first for the industry, Soundful, the generative AI music creation platform for singers, songwriters, producers, and content creators, announced today that it has enabled the direct download of stems to Ableton Live, one of the most popular music creation software, using Ableton’s ALS file format. This new feature gives users the ability to download their Soundful creations and open them in Ableton with the stems named and aligned for perfect timing. Soundful is the first to offer stem file downloads and will expand this feature to other major music software titles in upcoming releases. 

“At Soundful, our AI capabilities are materially different from other platforms because our customers are not looking to be entertained, they are looking for professional AI utilities to integrate into their workflow that meaningfully advance their craft,” said Diaa El All, Founder and CEO of Soundful. “Today’s launch is illustrative of the commitment we made on day one. Enabling stem downloads natively into Ableton is a loud signal to our community and the industry, that if you are serious about what you do, we invite you to join us at Soundful.” 

Launched in 2022, Soundful has consistently released new capabilities designed to advantage music professionals. The company’s “Soundful Collabs” featuring iconic partners such as Kaskade, Starrah, 3LAU, DJ White Shadow, and Autograf, is made possible through a deep collaboration with the artists to train the company’s AI engine to recreate their signature production style unlocking the ability for Soundful users to generate one-of-a-kind music that resembles their favorite artists. Adding stem downloads in the native Ableton ALS file format gives users instant flexibility. Combined, this release and the Collab partnerships pioneer a clear and ethical path for content monetization with artists while simultaneously giving users unprecedented power to add their creative spark.  

Soundful’s user base has grown to more than a million users. The company has also attracted globally recognized brands who are engaging Soundful’s enterprise solutions to replace the cumbersome and timely process of bulk music licensing. Instead, they are contracting Soundful to create large libraries of content for use on all front-line content including brand advertising, social media content, games, promo videos, vlogs, experiences, and podcasts. 

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