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SACEM partners with DJ Monitor to enhance identification of electronic music works

SACEM, the Society of Authors, Composers and Publishers of Music, has signed a partnership with DJ Monitor, one of the market leaders in electronic music identification, to improve accuracy in capturing and tracking royalties for creators of electronic music.

SACEM’s choice of DJ Monitor as its preferred partner followed its exceptional performance during a competitive pitch process, which tested the accuracy of different rights identification systems in France’s premier nightclubs and music festivals. The international reputation of DJ Monitor as an expert in the electronic music ecosystem was also an important factor in SACEM’s decision.

DJ Monitor has a database of over 46 million tracks, ranging from trance to electropunk and uses audio fingerprinting technology to match electronic music.

DJ Monitor’s technology combines high quality recording equipment with advanced and constantly improving algorithms to improve the accuracy of identifying music rights at live venues and events, even where music has been remixed or sampled. SACEM plan to install these systems at live music venues and events across France.

The strategic deal with DJ Monitor is a direct response to a landmark study published by SACEM entitled ‘Electronic Music in France’ (follow link for full study). This uncovered the unique challenges in identifying and distributing rights for electronic music artists, which need to be captured regardless of the place of broadcast. This might be at clubs, festivals or other types of events, and requires advanced tracking mechanisms to cope with the associated complexity of identification at live events.

Electronic Music in France – key findings :

Economic impact of electronic music in France : €416m including €295m from the turnover of clubs and discos and €47m from the turnover of festivals

Electronic music festivals generate 21% of the total turnover from music festivals

Market activity is driven by live performance, hence the need to improve live identification 

SACEM represents many of France’s top electronic music artists, and ensuring the fair remuneration of royalties remains a key objective as it looks to maximize value for its members.

Jean-Noël Tronc, CEO of SACEM, commented: “SACEM is committed to ensuring fair remuneration for artists in order to maintain a sustainable future for the music industry, and we are utilizing the most advanced technology to achieve this. 

“Our Electronic Music in France study enabled us to identify the issues facing the electronic music industry, and we are confident that DJ Monitor’s technology will help overcome these challenges and maximize the value we can provide our members.”

Yuri Dokter, CEO of DJ Monitor, commented: “We are delighted to be working with SACEM, an organization that shares our understanding of the industry’s need for innovative solutions to promote a sustainable future for electronic music”

“DJ Monitor will assist SACEM with our unique technology, knowledge and network to identify Electronic Music through Music Recognition Technology (MRT) with incredibly high recognition- and implementation- rates.”

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