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SACEM launches Electronic Music Factory

A year ago, SACEM published the first cultural and economic survey of electronic music in France (see here), with a view to improving its support for the creators and publishers of electronic music. The study measured the scope of the electronic music sector, not only to better understand its players and their professional activities, but also to identify its strengths and weaknesses.

A year after the publication of this study, SACEM presents the Electronic Music Factory, the first online resource centre dedicated to electronic music. It has been developed by SACEM with assistance from a joint committee made up of representatives from the sector. These include labels, artists, filmmakers, festivals and clubs, publishers, journalists and lawyers. The website is a partnership with IRMA, Technopol and The Export Bureau.

The resource centre is designed as an online platform offering professional, legal and practical information for artists, their professional circles and electronic music presenters, including those in the early stages of their careers and those in more developed organisations. The information is presented in detailed technical fact sheets, complete with useful data supplemented by advice on how to take concrete action with links to related and relevant sites.

In order to meet the needs of all stakeholders, it enables electronic music professionals, from novices to the most experienced professionals, to better understand and use collective management.

The site provides a set of practical tools to give support and help for different processes and procedures. For example: How to find a label? How to get help? Where to find equipment? How to protect works? What are the new sound regulations?

Each user is able to define their own profile with a few clicks, whether an artist, booker, label, publisher, club or festival. They are then referred to the relevant explanation or course of action.   

Jean-Noël Tronc, Chief Executive Officer of SACEM commented: "Since the publication of the study a year ago, we have been committed to providing better support for the creators and publishers of electronic music, both in France and abroad. That's why we created this centralised linked platform. 

“We are constantly working to promote French music internationally, and electronic music has some of the highest standards abroad." 

Olivier Pellerin, EMFactory Project Manager, consultant, commented:  "The electronic music community needs support and networks. The Electronic Music Factory has centralised many existing resources, with the aim of helping the sector's sustainability and capacity for interaction." 

Peggy Szkudlarek, director of Sinny Ooko (La Machine du Moulin rouge, Polar Festival )and member of the EMF committee, said: “Having a database that consolidates all this information is a real treasure for electronic music professionals, including programmers and bookers, but also and most importantly the artists themselves."

To learn more about the Electronic Music Factory, visit #EMFactory

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