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Muzos launches service that rewards music lovers and encourages discovery of new talent

Ground-breaking technology company Muzos, is today proud to announce the launch of its new music listening rewards service, accessible directly from here: Muzos, a music application that gamifies the listening experience and encourages the discovery of new music through rewarding engagement, aims to connect fans with their favourite artists, while introducing them to fresh genres and sounds.

Muzos is a user-centric app that aims to build a thriving community of passionate music enthusiasts who are rewarded for their everyday music listening and discovering emerging talent. The app offers a gamified platform that immerses users in a new level of interactive listening, where they can earn rewards for their streams. Muzos' innovative approach incentivises users to explore new sounds and connect with artists through seamless integration with major Digital Service Providers.

At Muzos, we understand the challenges that musicians face in finding their audience on streaming platforms. With approximately 100,000 new songs being released each day, it's clear that there is a significant need for a solution that helps emerging artists get noticed. That's why we created Muzos - to provide a platform that rewards our users for discovering and engaging with new talent, while also giving artists the exposure they deserve. Our recent further funding, which saw us close a round of £330k on a £3m valuation, along with a potential second closure for an extra £200k to be made in the next two months, and the launch of a seed round in January, signifies a pivotal step in our quest to transform the music industry into a more equitable space where talents can truly blossom." Comments Kirill Korobkov, Founder of Muzos.

The gamified reward program works by connecting Apple Music to the Muzos service. Listeners can earn points for streaming music and then spend them to redeem various items, such as artist merchandise, concert tickets, and hardware like headphones. The vision for the finalised version of the app is to take users on a gamified social journey where they interact directly with the artists, and discover new and emerging talent whilst allowing artists to engage their most loyal fans.

Muzos offers a seamless integration to major DSPs (Digital Streaming Services) and hits the market with an integration with Apple Music. Soon, it will also be available for YouTube and Amazon Music, ensuring effortless connectivity and usage with your preferred music streaming service.

Our mission at Muzos is to create an interactive, gamified platform that fosters discovery and rewards our users for their engagement with emerging talent. This is only the beginning, in the very near future, artists will have the ability to promote their music on Muzos in a very unique way, by rewarding their biggest fans for sharing. This will be super targeted and deliver engagement beyond what any social media campaign could achieve. We believe that by immersing each user in a new level of interactive listening, we can build a thriving community of passionate music enthusiasts” comments John Black, Co-Founder & Artist Relations Manager at Muzos.

Muzos is dedicated to increasing the visibility of up-and-coming artists, ensuring their songs are heard and making the world of music distribution more equitable for independent musicians. These artists often grapple with unfavourable royalty rates that predominantly benefit prominent artists, as well as fierce competition for editorial placements typically reserved for well-known names.

Muzos aims to redefine the status quo and help the music industry overcome these challenges by focusing on assisting artists in gaining traction and expanding their fanbase through discovery and social engagement strategies. To further support this mission, Muzos has implemented a reward system that incentivises the artists' most loyal followers, promoting a fairer landscape for all musicians.

Muzos' approach to music discovery and artist promotion is transforming how music enthusiasts interact with artists and discover music. With their fresh and innovative approach, Muzos incentivises listeners to venture on new paths and engage with music in an entirely unique way. By doing so, they offer a gamified music experience that is not only entertaining but also rewarding. With their proprietary technology seamlessly integrated into streaming audio, Muzos provides a fresh perspective on music discovery and fan engagement.

"As an artist who's always kept an eye on innovation within the music industry, I believe Muzos to be a genuine game-changer in helping up and coming artists get the right exposure in an industry where it’s becoming more and more difficult to cut through the noise. Their ingenious reward system not only incentivises music listeners but also fosters a fairer environment for all musicians. I believe Muzos' mission to help artists gain traction and broaden their fanbase through a two-way relationship of discovery, reward and social engagement strategies will be pivotal in artists growth.” - Sonique, Musician, Singer and DJ.

Get ready to partake in a new music discovery experience as Muzos is poised to redefine the landscape of the music industry.

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