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Musiio announces their latest customer, Overcoast ...and discusses the future of Sync

Musiio are delighted to announce their new partnership with Overcoast, an International Award Winning Music and Sound House.

Overcoast are a full-suite company with an impressive in-house library of music, as well as the ability to produce unique and custom compositions. showcases their reputation for tier 1 work, including projects with Google, ESPN, Coca-Cola, Adidas, Lyft and more. The dedicated team at Overcoast take pride in being the best, with a reputation not only as a boutique music company, but one that operates on a global scale. Now, working with Musiio allows them to do even more.

“Catalogue management becomes increasingly hard as companies grow their libraries, and we are no exception. Manually tagging tracks becomes tedious at scale, and is prone to listener fatigue. At Overcoast, we always believe that if there's a way to automate the nuts and bolts, it leaves us more time to deliver on what we do best, amazing customer service and beautiful audio. Having Musiio use AI to tag the Overcoast catalogue and get all our metadata up to speed, including BPM, Key, Genres, Moods, Instruments, and Vocals for each track gets us closer to where we want to be as a business, an efficient and reliable company known for speed and quality.” Colin Beckett, Partner & Head of Production at Overcoast.

Artificial Intelligence company Musiio proudly have over 10 customers in the Music Industry using one or more of their Tag, Search and Playlist products, and that number is constantly growing.
Sync is one of the fastest growing segments in the music industry as companies are seeking to maximise all revenue streams. Sync and Production catalogues can number into the hundreds of thousands and the ability to find the right music amongst the masses of content is one of the new challenges these music companies face. The increase in popularity of TV streaming services is said to play a part in the increase in demand for high quality original music. Taking it one step further and examining those who have acquired multiple catalogues (in 2019) we are seeing an even bigger opportunity for revenue, and a big challenge for managing audio in this volume to maximise potential.

Musiio has made it their mission to turn 2019 into the year AI Tagging and Search for the Music Industry becomes more mainstream.

“I have been all over the world this year, telling people about what we do, the USA, the UK, China, Australia, Germany and more, it’s been a busy year to put it mildly! I’ve been connecting with people from all parts of the industry, from Music Researchers to Sales Executives, and finding out what their biggest challenges are, and ultimately seeing if our Tagging and Search solutions can help their businesses. The first challenge is always to get people to understand what AI is capable of, and show how it can help with their business priorities. As far as early adopters and forward-thinking music companies go, I am delighted to be working with Overcost, their music quality is only rivalled by their passion for what they do and I’m glad to know, and be working with them.” Hazel Savage, Musiio CEO & Co-Founder.

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