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Misogyny in Music Report - Association of Independent Music comments

Silvia Montello, CEO of the Association of Independent Music (AIM):

“The Misogyny in Music report makes for uncomfortable but sadly unsurprising reading – given my 34 years in the industry I have witnessed, experienced and campaigned against the inequalities and discrimination sadly still faced by women in music. And as one of the ‘relatively few’ women in the upper age bracket I can attest to the many challenges of navigating through and maintaining a successful music career and achieving a leadership position. It should not still be this hard, here in 2024, for women to be supported to succeed and to be taken as seriously as our male counterparts.

“As the report points out, it is not enough to focus simply on increased numbers of women in our industry but to ensure that they are treated equally and paid equally - and our industry still has much work to do on both counts.

“AIM welcomes the recommendations in the report which look to add extra safeguarding measures to protect women whatever their role, with more stringent training and certification for those who work with women to avoid abuse, harassment, sexual assault and bullying. We also welcome the recommendations to provide support for mothers, carers and freelancers.”

Gee Davy, COO of AIM, commented: "The AIM community stands against misogyny and sexism but this is not enough by itself.  AIM has worked hard for a long time to be in the position of having a majority female board across the last few years and a high level of diversity, with our most recent Chairs, as well as current CEO and COO, being executive women, but this is a rarity in our industry.  We must all be consistently vigilant and determined in our support and promotion of the talented women among us and particularly those facing intersectional barriers. This is all the more important for those of us (of any gender) in senior positions.  

"The creative industries are a microcosm and reflection of society so will need the help and support of government and wider society, as well as the sensible measures set out in the report, to truly rid ourselves of unconscious bias and the barriers to success for women and girls. In addition, market entrants, small players and individuals will need financial support and cost-free avenues to help them uphold high standards while being able to compete in our industry."

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