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Loudly Automatically Creates the Perfect Soundtrack for Social Videos


New AI video-to-song feature lets creators match a custom track to their video instantly.

Loudly, the AI service bringing generative music to users everywhere from creative platforms to social media, is now allowing creators to use its mobile app to turn raw videos into soundtracked social posts in seconds. 

Using AI, Loudly can "read" the action and mood of a video and then generates song recommendations to fit that vibe, drawing on its AI music capabilities and its vast collection of crafted audio sounds. Loudly's AI then puts it all together into a unique, licensed soundtrack that adds a whole new layer to short-form videos. For example, if a creator shoots a video of a bunch of friends dancing, Loudly can generate recommendations of electronic music tracks to take the scene to the next level. 

"Finding the right music for a video can be a real headache, especially when you're uploading several videos per day. Scrolling through thousands of tracks seems redundant, and with AI, we can now generate highly relevant soundtracks that will surprise, inspire and solve that pain for highly-active video creators," explains Rory Kenny, founder and CEO of Loudly. "The simplicity of the process was by design; we want every creator to find great music fast"

The process is simple:

  • Add a video from your device to Loudly's mobile app;
  • Wait a few seconds while Loudly scans your video for content;
  • Get a soundtrack inspired by the content;
  • Adjust the sound to fit your video;
  • Post!

Creators will no longer have to tweak searches on other platforms, scroll through endless lists of tracks, or settle for unappealing stock music to make amazing TikTok posts, Reels, or Shorts. Creators can get five free songs a month, no strings attached, or sign up for a Personal ($7.99/mo) subscription to generate unlimited soundtracks or a Pro ($14.99/mo) subscription to use the tunes in paid advertising video posts. 

Loudly is building its video AI on a road-tested music model that has generated millions of high-quality tracks in a wide range of genres. Developed by a team of musicians, Loudly wants to raise the bar on sound and innovation for generative music. 

"Music should be easily accessible to every creator as a means of artistic expression or as an enhancement to other content," reflects Kenny. "The way we envision it at Loudly, AI can help bridge the gap between musical skill and polished final track and lead to more creativity."

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