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KOR Protocol Launches, Unleashes Digital Culture's Next Boom in Interactive, Fan-Driven Creativity

KOR Protocol enables creators to combine blockchain and AI to transform their IP into diverse interactive media formats, including music, video, and games

Since media went digital, fans and creators have wanted to play with it, transforming favourite images, videos, sounds, and stories into shareable moments of self-expression. Until now, there has been no easy way to do this while honouring the original content creators' rights. KOR Foundation has forged a solution: KOR Protocol, a decentralised, automated system that reshapes how rights are managed, protected, and monetized across entertainment. 

"People have wanted to play with online content as if it's one, huge multimedia game," reflects Inder Phull, CEO and Founder of Pixelynx, one of the launch contributors to the protocol. "The KOR Protocol will finally let them. It frees intellectual property for creators and fans while respecting, rewarding, and even inspiring the creative people behind it."

KOR Protocol offers new, straightforward opportunities for creators to combine blockchain and AI to transform their IP into diverse, interactive media formats, including music, video, and games. KOR Protocol lets creators, developers, and fans play together seamlessly. Launch partners include Animoca Brands, Pixelynx/KORUS, Beatport, Smile Club (A Black Mirror Experience), Revelator Labs, mau5trap, Volta, Plastikman, Mintangible, and Seven20.  

KOR Protocol is an open-source framework that builds on KOR DNA, a repository of multimedia content that gives creators the ability to encode, track, and manage usage of their IP and digital rights with enhanced security and verifiability of content ownership. Thanks to blockchain, KOR Protocol provides transparent and efficient licensing and royalty models for creators' IP. It allows integrations with tools like Revelator Pro and the Beatport suite of products, both of which are key launch contributors. This means that fans can play with IP such as AI models, music stems, storylines, and visuals; interact and recombine them; then mint the results as NFTs and share royalties with the original IP owners. 

One of the first applications on KOR Protocol is KORUS, a platform that lets fans easily create songs, remixes, and custom videos from licensed musical stems and other content. KORUS currently has over 250,000 registered users, of which more than 40% have minted the content they've created. 

The most intriguing aspect of KOR Protocol: It's designed to catalyse the evolution of IP into new formats, enhancing the way creators and audiences interact. KOR Protocol democratises complex, interactive multimedia creative projects, which until now have only been available  to highly resourced artists, labels, filmmakers, game developers, and visual artists. Now, using KOR Protocol, creatives of all kinds can harness the full potential of transmedia, fan communities, UGC, and AI without expensive, extensive custom development. KOR Protocol has the potential to push creativity forward across media in radical new ways, from enhancing music creation with AI to transforming story-based IP through fanlore and UGC, all in a seamless and transparent way.

Anyone can join the KOR Network and help support the decentralised ecosystem by taking part in KOR Quests. Completing KOR Quests will grant points that grant users a KOR Score. 

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