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Kits Earn: Kits.AI invites vocalists to create an AI Voice model and unlock new revenue

Kits.AI enabled artists to monetize their voice and likeness while allowing fans to create commercially viable music using their favorite artists' voices–setting the gold standard for the rest of the music industry. Since its founding in July 2023, the company has partnered directly with artists to license and release their AI Voices. Now launching Kits Earn and Verified Voice Models, Kits.AI opens the gates wider to vocalists across all genres at any stage in their career who want to turn their unique voices into a creative tool for others and earn passive income.

Kits Earn is a game-changer for vocalists, rappers, and independent artists seeking new revenue streams. Through this new program, any artist can create a Verified Voice Model of their vocals and earn every time someone downloads the output–all while maintaining full control of their data throughout the training process. Whether artists choose to use their own identity or remain anonymous, Kits Earn puts the artist in the driver's seat, allowing them to determine their reach and impact, all while getting paid for their talent.

“We're proud to offer the opportunity for artists to benefit from new AI technologies rather than be exploited by them,” explains Kits Co-Founder Evan Dhillon. “Kits Earn empowers artists by allowing them to safely share their voices and earn passive income, while Kits creators can be assured that the voices they use are ethically sourced and fairly compensated.”

Firmly committed to transparency, Kits Earn shows creators exactly how earnings are calculated and when they will receive payments. Within the artist dashboard, creators can track how their voice model is being used and watch as the royalties add up, all with confidence that Kits.AI is Fairly Trained-certified. 

Verified Voice Models are particularly beneficial for artists who want to maintain control over their brand and how their voice is used. By opting for verification, artists can assure their fans and collaborators that the AI models they use are artist-sanctioned and of top-notch quality. This feature also helps in combating potential misuse or misrepresentation of artist voices, safeguarding their reputation in the digital realm.

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