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InChorus Group launch platform to track bias and harassment in the music industry


London and New York based company InChorus Group has launched a third-party platform to anonymously tag and measure incidents of bias and harassment in the workplace. A first of its kind, the online tool deescalates ‘reporting’ for employees, while also providing companies with the data they need to build a more inclusive workplace.
InChorus acts as the ‘missing middle’ when it comes to reporting microaggressions. While other tools enable whistle-blowing, reporting very serious misconduct, or the ability to measure general workplace sentiment - the InChorus platform is different. Giving employees a safe and informal way to tag previously hard to voice problem-behaviours, the platform offers on-demand professional support to the employee, while also providing companies with anonymised data on any incidents. This allows employers to identify problems sooner and deescalate the threat of graver misconduct.
Genevieve O’Neil, CMO at InChorus Group: “The people that work in the music industry are incredible and nobody leaves because they want to, but often because they’re too afraid to speak up on bias they’re experiencing. I, like many, am frustrated by the pace of change, but our industry is unfortunately one playing catch up.”
“We are in desperate need of a user friendly, data-led tool such as this to get things moving in the right direction, and that’s why I’m thrilled to join the InChorus team. This online tool is ideal for all companies, those already on the path to an inclusive workplace, and those just starting out. Diversity and inclusion leadership starts at the top, and so I ask industry leaders to stop just thinking about it and start acting.”
Rosie, Co-CEO of InChorus Group: “As a mission driven business Raj and I are passionate about giving employees a voice and creating tools like InChorus that allow them to flag issues sooner before they escalate. This data has the power to drive effective change for both employees and the business, and to create a baseline for the music industry as a whole.”
Additionally, InChorus allows companies to quantify workplace culture and track ROI on their own D&I initiatives, with insightful data and actionable recommendations. Giving employers the power to create a sustainably inclusive and diverse workplace, this platform provides an opportunity to create a happier, healthier, more successful organisation that ultimately reaps the financial benefits.

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