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Humble Angel Records launches specialist dance imprint

Kieron Donoghue, founder of Humble Angel Records and previously VP of Global Playlist Strategy and Curation at Warner Music today launches an independent dance record label, Humble Angel Dance. 

Humble Angel Records has been live for a full year now and during that time we’ve generated tens of millions of streams and helped launch the career or over a dozen artists in a very competitive space. We feel that in order to further fuel grow and diversify a new label launch dedicated to dance music will help us stand out and reach more fans. 

The new label will have all of the streaming experience and resources of the main label but with the added ability to deliver music to specialist dance platforms like Beatport. We also have specialist resources and experience in dance radio and club promotions to help artists succeed in this competitive space. 

Our open Song Submission Process is still live and free to everyone. Songs submitted to will be considered for both the main label and the dance imprint. 

The first release on Humble Angel Dance is also released today (January 25th) and it’s from singer/songwriter Joan Alasta, titled “Close”. Joan is probably best known as the singer on Alok’s streaming smash hit “Big Jet Plane” which has been streamed over 100m times to date, the song also shares the same producer, Mathieu Koss.

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