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"Get your hit together": BMAT rolls out initiative to help music creators to maximize royalties in response to COVID-19

As the COVID-19 outbreak continues to disturb the world economy, emerging music artists are among the most financially affected. With tours being canceled so that ticket sales are no longer bringing in revenue and with both labels and independent artists feeling the pressure to push back album release dates in a tanking market, musicians everywhere are feeling their livelihoods threatened.

In response to this crisis, BMAT, the music innovators with a mission to index all music usage and ownership data, have just announced the global rollout of an educational initiative aimed to help independent artists prepare for the tough times ahead and maximize earnings while remaining safe and maintaining the call for social distancing. "Get your hit together" is a 4-episode web series by the music-loving folks at BMAT, which aims to help artists get paid for every play.

BMAT's team is passionate about music, and many are musicians themselves. They know that, as rights holders of entertainment assets in a fast-paced and infinitely interconnected digital world, music creators face a daunting challenge in tracking monetizable third-party use of their work. So, BMAT is helping those who create music to maximize their earnings—and the key to doing this is getting your music properly organized, or as they put it, getting your sh*t together.

Each episode will include a video with a BMAT  speaker giving a short summary of tips, accompanied by a click-through downloadable pdf guide to help artists use this challenging time to organize their repertoires. Topics covered in the series will include top ways to organize audio files in one place, best methods for confidently curating metadata, how to properly register songs and creative assets, and how to track those assets across the global landscape of the digital-age music industry so musicians can get paid for every play. 

"We do what we do because we love music," say BMAT. "So we're helping those who create it to maximize their earnings and make sure they get the recognition they deserve. The key to keeping your royalty income flowing is staying organized.."

Follow BMAT's social channels to catch each episode of "Get your hit together" over the next week and download the artist pack for free.

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