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Fave Unveils FanFinder For Artists to Identify and Reach their Most Engaged Fans


Fave, the platform for superfans, will now allow artists and their teams to discover and communicate with fans directly and intuitively thanks to their new industry-facing tool called FanFinder™. Supported by proprietary AI, FanFinder™ gathers key insights from Fave's wealth of knowledge about fan's activities to help artists pinpoint and recognize their most ardent superfans—finally seeing who they are, where they are, and what they love to do as fans. Artists can now gain powerful intel into who exactly has been listening nonstop, making fan art, going to every show on the tour, creating their own merch, organizing support for their new release, and has influence on other fans, among dozens of other specific and authentic fan activities in order to understand, reach, and recognize those fans.

FanFinder™  makes it easy to identify truly dedicated fans in specific markets or with specific interests, right on the platform fans already use and love. Fave, fulfilling its promise to always put fans first, is launching FanFinder™ to put dedicated fans on the radar of their favorite artist, lets them feel the love, and unlocks cool offers and perks. The direct connection means the artist team isn't at the mercy of  algorithmically-driven social feeds that reach only 2% of followers when the artist is trying to reach their dedicated fans. Fave knows exactly who the most passionate and valuable fans are, what motivates them, and then offers a direct line of contact to them. 

"We made Fave a place for fans where they can be fully empowered, find each other, and immerse in their passions," notes Fave founder and CEO Jacquelle Amankonah Horton. "Now, we're bringing creators into the mix, so that they can finally have a much more  clear picture about who their fans actually are through real-time insights they've never been able to see at this level of detail and authenticity. They can easily find deserving fans they want to engage for cool experiences and opportunities they have that will now multiply the power of their efforts in seconds." 

"We know very well how to effectively bring the power and ease of AI across billions of audience data points," adds Horton, citing her history at Google leading several beloved AI analytics products for YouTube Creators and Artists since 2014. 

FanFinder™ solves a fundamental pain point for artist teams, who rarely have such deep insights into exactly where their fans are and what they are doing.  Fave gathers fan information and lets artists search by certain parameters. Artists can use AI and natural language to find the answer to helpful questions, such as "Who are my most active fans in San Diego from the past three months and what are they doing?" Once an artist has used FanFinder to uncover a key group of fans, she or her team can message them with anything from a ticket offer, to a VIP meetup, to a chance to weigh in on new or unreleased music, to participation in creating the next lyric video. This communication stays within Fave, and fans can opt out if they would prefer not getting these opportunities, protecting fan privacy and serving their interests first, a core Fave value. 

FanFinder™ is just the latest step toward Fave's vision of creating a fun, mutually beneficial space for fans to gather and show their fandom with pride and for creators to find and empower those devoted to their work. Through a growing, comprehensive set of features and tools, Fave is tuning into superfandom and rewarding fan passion simultaneously. 

Fave is already onboarding key artist teams that represent some of the largest acts in the world, and the industry has shown overwhelming support to Fave, as it provides a tool that saves hours or often weeks of manual work teams do scrubbing social feeds and old databases with unhelpful anonymous user IDs, mismatched data, if any. The frustration that haunts this laborious  process to try to find a fan only has long made fan engagement efforts seem more trouble than they're worth. Now, artist teams can execute their plans and answer questions about their fans in seconds—far more accurately than ever before.

"FanFinder™ makes Fave's model applicable far beyond the music industry," explains Horton. "In fact, we've built something relevant to any brand or business that wants to scale their effectiveness in impacting the top 20% of customers. That's exactly the wide-reaching path Fave plans to chart ahead across multiple vertical market sectors." 

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