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Fave is solving music fandom's most frustrating problem with their real Fan Verification system


With unprecedented ticket demand restricting even the most passionate fans from concert access, the world of music fandom has been clamoring for a system that accurately identifies and rewards real fans with priority access. Notable fan-centric platform Fave has answered the call, partnering with a growing roster of major industry players and fan-run organizations to tackle ticketing, amongst other fan problems, head-on. Already backed by Warner, Sony, and HYBE, Fave is navigating an influx of attention from music-world's heavy hitters who believe the small-but-mighty startup has crafted the much-needed verification system that will alleviate the gargantuan rift between fans and the corporations gatekeeping their activity.  

After testing their patented technology and culturally-relevant strategy through partnerships with establishment entities like the Billboard Music Awards, as well as with one of the biggest fandoms in the world, BTS ARMY, alongside fan-run organizations like Euphoria Dance, Fave officially put their plan into motion this week by launching its highly-anticipated Fan Verification™ system. 

Through Fan Verification, fans showcase the depth of their ongoing fandom-related activity by logging everything from streaming activity, to merch collections, to fan art, to concert attendance, to crazy fan stories, and more. In so doing, users progress in status from Fan, to Verified Fan, and finally to Verified Superfan as reflected in their unique Fave Fan IDs. Each tier unlocks further access to highly coveted rewards and experiences provided by artists, brand partners, and even other generous superfans looking to recognize their fellow fans. 

Whereas other platforms have merely asked for a name, an email address, and a pulse to demonstrate one's "proof" of verified fandom, leading to widespread frustration and dissatisfaction, Fave is empowering users to share an accurate reflection of who they are as a fan. In the past, artists and industry entities have struggled to spot and reward deserving fans due to incomplete databases and well-intentioned yet highly chaotic manual outreach that exhausts them in just a single campaign, but finally, Fave has provided an effortless system for getting these items and experiences into the right hands. 

"On Fave, top-fan status and access to exclusive experiences are not just reserved to the people who can afford it or got lucky in some random giveaway - neither of those correlate to how passionate and deserving of a fan you are," says Fave founder and CEO Jacquelle Amankonah Horton. "Instead, fans earn these experiences through the authentic, heartfelt activities they've already been doing."

As such, anyone looking to achieve Verified Fan status through disingenuous means, such as bots, scammers, or fake fans, will be hard pressed to falsify the process and patented technology on Fave, particularly given that the platform also adds a layer of manual human review to double-verify a fan's authenticity before they're officially granted their status. 

At a time when fans feel increasingly like dollar signs, unseen as individuals and at the whims of unfriendly industry mechanisms, Fave has created a safe, centralized platform for fandoms, as well as a powerful tool for artists looking to reward and closely communicate with their most loyal followers. The app will unveil major partnerships and meaningful rewards in the coming months, as the team continues to expand more and more opportunities for their yet unparalleled Fan Verification system that they believe is the key to empowering far more win-win scenarios, safety, and staying power for fandom communities. Fans who have come aboard have quickly realized that Fave's system is likely how they can finally be seen.

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