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Event Wallet is revealed

The solution to open up festivals, sport, travel and events across the UK and the world   

  • DAM Health and Health Passport Worldwide create Event Wallet
  • As the UK’s festivals remain silent, the special technology has been now been launched to help them open up again
  • The Event Wallet within Health Passport Worldwide already integrates with major ticketing systems, stadiums and events. 
  • The platform is also being used for travel and sports to help reignite these essential economies which have been crushed by the pandemic
  • Event Wallet is the ready-to-go solution to the ongoing crisis across the UK and beyond. 


Across the festival and events sectors in the UK, these once vibrant industries face another month of empty fields and silent dancefloors. But it doesn’t have to be this way.

Monday’s roadmap announcement was a cruel blow to these already beleaguered sectors who have endured almost endless enforced closure since the pandemic began, with the UK’s festival season and night clubs in particular in a very difficult position. Sporting events and travel are also almost unrecognisable to what they were previously. 

This weekend there is Download Festival, with 10,000 people converging over a weekend as part of the government’s Event Research Programme. All attendees must be tested before and after the festival as a condition of entry. Testing will continue to be an essential part of living with COVID whilst the pandemic persists enabling people to begin to enjoy the things they love again. 

Leading COVID testing company DAM Health and technology group Health Passport Worldwide are now providing the solution - Event Wallet - to the UK and International markets. This immediately supports the reopening of major festivals and stadiums. This not only applies to British people, but also for tourists traveling to Britain for events and sports. This innovative technology is critical for these essential economies to recover and has already been built and extensively tested. Whenever needed, it can automatically integrate with the major ticketing systems to quickly enable full capacity once again. Entry is via a normal ticket scan and there is no need to scan test results or vaccinations. Data privacy is paramount.

This vital collaboration in the UK now means that the public have a single app which they can use during testing, to get on the plane, to enter the country, to go to the even or match,  and then same system to fly home again. Data is securely stored in each person’s Health Passport Worldwide app, a system already being used by healthcare providers across three continents in Europe, Africa and Latin America. Successful test events were already completed last year in Cape Town at Recharge 2020 on December 21st, which was one of the world’s first reopening events. Everyone was tested before the event (including staff and performers) and all safely scanned in. It is considered a great success by the event and sport industries. Video: 

DAM Health has an established network of premium test clinics across the UK which continues to expand. This easily supports testing for stadium and festival reopening. People can be tested at a location of their choice both before and after an event, in the same way at the other ERP events across the UK a few weeks ago. 

Robert Quirke, founder of Health Passport Worldwide, says: “Based on global trends and vaccination deployments, testing is going to remain a part of life in the shadow of COVID. We want to make this as efficient and manageable for both the public and industry alike. The addition of the Event Wallet within Health Passport Worldwide is now the solution to help the vast events, travel and sports sectors to safely open up again across the UK. This has been thoroughly tested and is ready. We know that we have all the tools to help open up these struggling sectors straight away and we want to support. For now, the UK roadmap is on hold for the next month but we have a system we believe can get things going again. Jobs need to be restored and economy needs to thrive once again.” 

Professor Frank Joseph, DAM Health’s medical director, says: “We remain pioneers for our in-clinic testing across the UK and into Europe and now with Health Passport Worldwide we have developed a way for people to carry their vaccine or test results with them. This can be used to go to festivals, events, sport, mass gatherings and so on. It is tried and tested and ready to go.” /

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