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Dubset Launches mau5trap MixCRATE, VIP Mixes in its First Deal to Highlight a Pivotal Electronic Music Catalog

Dubset is unveiling a new way for DJs to find tracks for their mixes. By partnering with mau5trap, the label started by electronic music icon deadmau5, the remix and mix set licensing pioneers are launching new branded crates. These crates will make it considerably easier for DJs and producers to browse and curate content for their sets across the 4 million artists and 50 million tracks available for use and streaming with Dubset distributed mixes and remixes on Apple Music. In other words, less guess work, making it easier to find the perfect tracks to put into your next mix.

Say hello to the mau5trap horde, lead by one of electronic music's finest,the boss himself, deadmau5. The Canadian-based mastermind is widely credited for his contributions to the dance music scene and his knack for staying at the forefront of DJ mixes and technology. Boasting a MixCRATE full of classic label releases from mau5trap recording artists like Feed Me, Rezz, i_o, No Mana, ATTLAS, Tinlicker, & many "moar," the mau5trap MixCRATE is the first of its kind to hit the Dubset platform.

In addition to the crate highlighting the label's decade of music, mau5trap and Dubset have partnered to release a series of VIP mixes via Apple Music, which recently created a genre dedicated to DJ Mixes and Live Sets. These mixes include sets by Testpilot (an alias of deadmau5) who just performed at Ultra Music Festival and Beyond Wonderland in March.deadmau5 also recently announced his all-new live North America tour, calling attention to his latest technological feat, the cubev3, which carries over into 2020 with more dates to be announced soon.

"Though we've long had high-level searches and filters, DJs are pretty much left to their own devices to figure out what they can put into a mix," explains Clark Warner, VP Artist Relations at Dubset. "Mixcrates are unique portal to see what's available, with a few hundred tracks as opposed to 45 million to choose from. The mau5trap crate will showcase the label's catalog, from new releases back to their early records, so that DJs can compare it to their own collections and make sure they aren't missing something."

DJs aren't the only ones benefiting from a different curation approach for tracks in Dubset's catalog. "Labels have a strong interest in a deeper relationship with content creators. They want them to understand the parts of their catalog that they love and value," notes Stephen White, Dubset CEO. "We're here to facilitate that intersection and bring these parties together in a way that yields great results for both."

Mix music, streamed by hundreds of millions of consumers globally, represents a massively popular and growing category. Until recently, users had to turn to free and ad-supported UGC services to find it. Thanks in part to Dubset, this music is finally making its way to premium services where the industry prefers to drive consumers. Working closely with rights holders and the world's largest music services, Dubset uses its identification and rights management platform to get mix content to services like Apple Music.

"Putting content curators together and allowing them to use their creative spark to figure what speaks to them is one of the most rewarding parts of what we do," White reflects. "It's an interesting role, to help facilitate matchmaking with large and influential catalogs, one we're privileged to play."

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