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Disruptive startup Clickamix opens a new $670+ million revenue stream for music industry rightsholders

Disruptive startup Clickamix opens a new $670+ million revenue stream for music industry rightsholders 
- By licensing music that is currently mixed and used illegally in sports 

The disruptive tech startup Clickamix launched an industry wide call today to publishers, artist managers and trade bodies to take advantage of a currently untapped revenue stream that is estimated to be worth over $670 million globally across a number of sports.


In market with its beta platform in August 2017, Clickamix is the world's first and only pre-cleared licensing platform for sports that allow music mixes in competitions. Initially targeting the Cheerleading industry, a newly recognised Olympic sport, Clickamix has highlighted that copyright infringement is rife, with music currently used illegallyand unlicensed in many sports.


Clickamix plans to create more awareness to help solve the problem and deliver licensed music that allows music producers to legally create, edit and adapt music into mixes for teams to use in competitions and for the music industry and artists to get paid fairly for their intellectual property.


Clickamix, which already has 5,000 tracks live on the platform and deals in place with 60 rightsholders including approval from a major publisher, is campaigning to educate not just the music industry and highlight the huge potential to rightholders of an entirely new revenue stream, but also aims to educate and encourage compliance within the particular sports industries. 


Clickamix has highlighted some Copyright Infringement key findings and the business case for change:


• In 2015, in a landmark lawsuit, Sony Music sued a music producer in the Cheerleading industry who illegally used unlicensed music. In May 2016, the USA Governing Body for Cheerleading stated that teams need a license to use commercial music, but it also misinformed the industry about how music should be licensed.
• There is a lot of confusion with regards to the music rights required in the specific sport industries. Market research reveals that in Cheerleading alone, there is an illegal trade in fake licenses and incomplete licenses of cover music.
• A sports mix can contain 4-8 pieces of music, edited to highlight the skills of the competing team; this requires pre-cleared publishing, adaptation and master rights. These rights are not cleared with the correct license and music is used illegally in almost 95% of instances. The right to edit and adapt music, and even upload onto Youtube is held with the artist rightsholders and requires approval.
• Across the Cheerleading industry and many other sports that use mixes in competitions such as Bodybuilding, Gymnastics, Figure Skating, Synchronised swimming, Dancing, Martial Arts and Pole fitness among others, music mixes are still being used illegally, either licensed incorrectly, or not licensed at all. The potential licensing revenue across all these sports is estimated at over $670 million


Chantal Epp, the Founder and CEO of Clickamix, said "We are really excited about the opportunity for Clickamix to grow the music industry. In the market for only 7 months, Clickamix has established licensing arrangements with some of the most prominent rightsholders in the industry, so we have proven there is a market for this service. We are fast building a growing catalogue of pre-cleared music available to music producers, who wish to quickly and easily license music for use in sports competitions. The aim is to ensure a fair and transparent and above all legally compliant model, that ensures rightsholders and artists are rightfully getting paid. We call for the industry to tackle the copyright infringement that is happening and open up to a brand new and scaleable revenue stream, one that can only help build a more sustainable music industry for rightsholders around the world. We aim to grow the Clickamix platform, ultimately ensuring compliance with sports governing bodies around the world, which is a huge challenge considering the misinformation and lack of awareness, whilst rolling out our micro licensing solution to more and more sports that use music in a similar way."

With Cheerleading widely seen as the fastest growing sport globally, practiced in over 90 countries around the world and expected to be included in the 2024 Olympics, it is estimated that the US market will generate over 1 million licenses and over $18million revenue and globally around $50 million+. The potential value of the market for the music industry is expected to grow hugely in the next five years alone.


British startup, Clickamix provides a unique service, it acquires licenses from rightsholders, uploads the songs to its mobile friendly online platform, sells license agreements to the end users in the sports industries from $15 per track for a one year licensewith rights to edit into a mix and upload the video of the routine onto YouTube, finally paying royalties to rightsholders.

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