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Broma 16 expands with new YouTube and collecting society deals

Broma 16 expands with new YouTube and collecting society deals

Music licensing hub Broma16 is expanding with its latest deals, including an international agreement with YouTube and partnerships with three collecting societies from the CIS (Commonwealth of Independent States) region.

The YouTube deal will see Broma16 collecting music royalties from the online-video service in territories including Africa, Asia, Middle East, Europe and the CIS, and distributing them to its members.

YouTube joins DSPs including TikTok, Meta and Deezer, Apple and Spotify on Broma16's list of agreements, with more music services to follow in the coming months as the company continues to expand its business internationally.

Meanwhile, the company's new collecting-society partners are ANCO (Moldavia), SIIP (Uzbekistan) and KAZAK (Kazakhstan). SIIP and ANCO will be using Broma 16’s online-licensing services to collect royalties for their songwriter and publisher members and KazAK, the oldest CMO in the region, granted Broma 16 the rights to collect from YouTube.

These YouTube and society partnerships are just the first of a series of deals that Broma16 expects to announce in 2024, as it continues to grow its business internationally.

"We’re delighted to be expanding our international reach with YouTube," said Vladimir Philippov, CEO of Broma16. "Together with the new society deals, this shows how we are continuing to expand to become more relevant at the global level. By signing up these societies and enabling them to use the high-tech back office tools that Heaven 11 provides, we are also helping to lower the barrier for these organisations to enter the market, in a region that is an exciting emerging territory for the music industry," says Vladimir.

"By bridging the gap between talent and technology, our collaboration with Broma16 isn't only enhancing the visibility and reach of our authors' works but also ensuring they are duly rewarded for their creative contributions, " said Olesya Romashko, Head of International Relations and Communication of SIIP. “Additionally, this collaboration with Broma16 is a game-changer for our music community. It leverages cutting-edge technology to ensure that the voices of our authors and the value of their music are amplified across new frontiers, marking a significant milestone in the evolution of the Central Asia region's music industry."

"Concluding a contract with Broma16 is crucial for Moldovan musical authors. Collaborating ensures broader exposure, professional opportunities, and artists' rights protection. Partnering with Broma16 is essential in navigating licensing, distribution, and revenue. Respecting rights and ensuring fair compensation are paramount. Broma16 understands the industry's intricacies and safeguards authors' rights. By partnering, artists focus on their craft without exploitation concerns. Broma16 provides a framework for protecting creative assets and maximizing earnings. This contributes to the global music community's vitality and integrity." - ANCO's Director General, Alex Gutium.

"The crucial decision to enter into partnership with Broma 16 for YouTube underscores KazAK's unwavering commitment towards safeguarding the interests and ensuring fair remuneration for its valued members. This strategic partnership represents a significant step forward in ensuring our members creative works are rightfully compensated, reflecting KazAK's ongoing dedication to protect and enhance the welfare of each our member. We are confident that through Broma 16's expertise, we will significantly enhance our ability to monetize content of our members effectively." said KazAK's Director General, Ainura Yessendikova.

The Heaven11 SAAS platform provides Broma 16 with flexibility and scalability for copyright documentation, processing, and royalty distribution.

Both companies are participating in European Commission funded programmes. Broma16 is taking part in while Heaven 11 is involved in the Musika Peripherika programme.

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