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BIMM University unveils AI_Labs

BIMM University is excited to unveil a ground-breaking initiative at the intersection of technology and creativity – BIMM University AI_Labs. With an unwavering commitment to staying at the forefront of educational innovation, BIMM University is establishing AI_Labs to delve into the fast-evolving world of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its profound implications for the Creative Industries. 

Recognising the immense potential that AI holds for reshaping music, design, film, gaming, and other creative domains, BIMM University is taking a proactive step towards harnessing this potential, whilst also understanding the legal and ethical implications - some of which the industry are already facing. With the recent SAG-AFTRA strike in the US, concerns that AI will replace recording artists and producers, development of new music AI tools, the future is now and creatives have to deal with it. BIMM University students will be forging the way and tackling it head on, with the launch of AI_Labs. 

BIMM University AI_Labs will be a hub of research, exploration, and advancement in applying AI within the Creative Industries. Through study, experimentation, and collaboration with industry experts, the course will cover areas including AI in Music Composition, AI in Film and Media, AI-Driven Artistic Performances, Interplay between Human Creativity and AI, plus so much more. 

“Our mission is clear,” says David Jones-Owen, CEO and Vice Chancellor of BIMM University. “We want to comprehensively understand the profound impact AI is having on the Creative Industries and, by extension, our academic institution. It is imperative that our students and lecturers are well-prepared for the AI-driven future and that our university’s operational strategies are optimised to embrace this transformative wave. On a wider scale, for the UK to stay at the forefront of the creative industries globally our future artists and industry professionals need to be properly equipped.” 

In this pursuit of knowledge and innovation, BIMM University AI_Labs is thrilled to announce a significant addition to its team. Warren Barkley, a distinguished figure in the AI landscape and Cloud AI Leader at Google, will be joining BIMM University as a Visiting Professor. With a wealth of experience and insights garnered from years of spearheading AI initiatives, Barkley is globally recognised as a key figure in the field of artificial intelligence. Prior to his role at Google, Warren held executive positions leading AI teams at Amazon and Microsoft, contributing to the development of numerous AI products and services. 

Barkley says: “The synergy between AI and the Creative Industries is undeniable. From enhancing music composition to revolutionising visual arts, the application of machine learning to creative industries opens a new world for artists of all types. I am honoured to be part of BIMM University’s visionary approach in preparing the next generation of creatives to harness the power of AI while preserving the authenticity of their art.” 

BIMM University has also partnered with DAACI, experts in generative music technology. DAACI offers powerful tools for composers to create whole new, original, dynamic soundscapes providing huge opportunities for use in film, TV, games, social platforms and beyond. Representatives from DAACI will be on hand to speak to students through masterclasses, whilst also providing internship opportunities. 

Rachel Lyske, DAACI CEO, says: “We're delighted to partner with BIMM University in nurturing the AI experts of the future through AI_Labs. 

DAACI's journey of discovery began over 30 years ago and has developed through our unique collaboration between academia and industry knowledge. We're now at the forefront of the world's AI landscape thanks to our team's visionary work. 

We look forward to providing BIMM University's students with inside access to our expertise including an exclusive masterclass with our founder and inventor, Dr Joe Lyske. We'll also welcome some of the cohort to join in our work through exciting, practical internships, providing hands-on experience that will enable them to put theory into practice. I'd like to thank everyone at BIMM and the DAACI team for their hard work in establishing such a vital and creative curriculum.” 

The launch of BIMM University AI_Labs marks a significant leap forward in fostering a symbiotic relationship between technology and artistic expression. By creating a space where innovation thrives and where technology seamlessly integrates with the arts, BIMM University reaffirms its commitment to providing a holistic education that equips students with the skills they need to succeed in an evolving world.

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