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Amanotes to pioneer games music personalisation and in-game music purchase through partnership with Reactional Music

Partnership is a quantum leap for the creative and commercial relationship between music and games.


Amanotes, the leading games publisher whose games attract over 100 million monthly active users, today announced a global partnership with Reactional Music. 

Reactional is the world’s first rule-based music engine and music delivery platform that connects music, games and virtual worlds commercially and creatively. The partnership will allow Amanotes to pioneer realtime music personalisation and in-game music purchase for gamers.

Amanotes is the number one mobile game publisher in South East Asia with over three billion downloads of its games. One of its titles, Magic Tiles 3, is currently enjoyed by 40+ million gamers every month. The partnership means that Amanotes and its partner studios are expected to become the first games companies to introduce music as an in-game purchase via Reactional’s rule-based music engine and music delivery platform. 

The partnership is a quantum leap forward in the relationship between music and games. Reactional Music is pioneering the convergence of games and music, allowing any music to be brought into a game and the entire game’s visuals, music and sound to react live to that music. This is something that has not been possible before at scale. 

Reactional’s technology will enable gamers to pay to personalise their personas and gameplay with their favourite music – in the same way they do with ‘skins’ and other in-game purchases. Reactional’s platform also opens up a faster and more efficient method for games developers to create and prototype music.

Bill Vo, CEO and founder of Amanotes, said: “This is a big moment for all gamers, technically, creatively and commercially. At Amanotes our history and our values have been driven by music. Our mission of 'everyone can music,' deeply resonates with the passionate team at Reactional, as we are both fueled by a strong love for music.

“There has been so much discussion about music and games. In-game concerts and ‘activations’ have been wonderful but not truly interactive. The Reactional engine and platform actually deliver the ability for games and music to now work together commercially and creatively. For everyone.

“Amanotes brings interactive music experiences to millions of gamers all over the world. By giving gamers the ability to personalise their music with their favourite tracks, their favourite artists, playlists, whole albums or just new and different sounds and audio - all in realtime - we are at the beginning of another exciting journey. 

“For Amanotes and our partner studios, music personalisation is the new frontier in game personalisation.”

David Knox, President of Reactional Music, said: “There is no gamer that does not have a relationship with music, so bringing Reactional to Amanotes’ 100 million plus gamers across the world is a fantastic moment.

“Reactional’s platform enables games developers to do more for their gamers, to work with music efficiently and in new ways and to create new forms of personalisation. It enables music artists to become part of games in more deeply related and meaningful ways. Most importantly, the really exciting opportunity is putting personalisation into the hands of the world’s three billion gamers. 

“Amanotes should be applauded for its creative vision as it now opens the doors for other games companies, other genres, developers, creators, artists and rights holders to work together on new ideas.”

The global games market passed $187.7 billion revenue in 2023. In-game purchases accounted for 74 percent of all games revenue in 2020, around $129 billion. Currently in-game music revenues account for less than 0.0001 percent of the total market. In 2023 the total number of global gamers is expected to pass three billion.

According to studies in the US, 49 percent of gamers say they discovered new music through gaming. 

Reactional has also completed multiple music rights agreements with commercial and production music rights holders including Hipgnosis Song Management.

Reactional’s Engine does not alter, mix or edit the music master. Reactional tracks all music use across its platform. Reactional will also enable new detailed data analytics and insight of music use by gamers. 

It is currently running in game engines Unity and Unreal and can work in tandem with audio middlewares like FMOD and Wwise.

Amanotes co-led Reactional Music’s recent funding round alongside Butterfly Ventures. 

Reactional Music’s platform will be live for commercial use in 2023.

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