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Airbit Launches Playlists, Curated and Collaborative Beat Collections to Showcase Producers' Best


First celebrity-curated playlist by GRAMMY-Winning Producer S1 (Kanye, Drake)

Airbit has launched a new feature to support producers and showcase their beats and sounds. Airbit Playlists will help beatmakers and soundcrafters highlight their best work and reach more potential artists on and off the beats marketplace. 

Playlists on Airbit come in three flavors: 

  • Curated: Airbit and its producer ambassadors will curate playlists of beats

  • Collaborative: Airbit will allow users to create their own collaborative playlists 

  • Unlisted: Private playlists producers can share, even with people who don't have an Airbit account

"We're passionate about making sure the right beats reach the right people for the right projects. Playlists will help our team and our users spread the word about the beats that are out there, as well as continue to build and support our community of creators," explains Wasim Khamlichi, Airbit CEO. "We'll be adding new playlists regularly, updating them, and recruiting high-profile contributors to make sure artists and content creators get access to the perfect beats for their project."

The new feature is rolling out with help from Symbolyc One, a prolific producer and Airbit advisor who's worked with Drake, Kanye West (S1's first GRAMMY win came for "Power"), Meek Mill, J. Cole, and many, many others. S1 will present Airbit's first celebrity-curated playlist, out May 6, 2021. After dedicating years to building his career, S1 has chosen to sell beats online exclusively via Airbit, something new for the seasoned music professional. 

"Just because you can't see things happening, doesn't mean they're not happening. In the 13 years before working with Kanye, I had a lot of failures and a lot of mishaps, but all of those things were preparing me for that particular moment," he says. Through it all, he emphasizes, community matters: "It's so much easier to accomplish a goal when you can collaborate with others and build a community of creatives all supporting each other and moving together toward a mutual goal. And that's exactly what I see with Airbit."

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