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Position Foxllie
Location virtual
Name: Ellie Kubeckova/ Foxllie
Email Address:

Experienced artist management consultant and virtual assistant looking for artists and music industry professionals in need of assistance!

About Foxllie
Foxllie was created as an alternative to full or part-time personal assistants and management consultants, providing services to up- and-coming musicians, freelance music industry professionals, or small music businesses at a lower cost than hiring an employee.

The goal of Foxllie, and its founder Ellie Kubeckova, is to support its clients in their day-to-day tasks, giving them the time and opportunity to advance their careers and focus on the integral parts of their businesses.

Why Virtual Assistant
With the number of music industry professionals working from home on the rise, hiring a full-time personal or office assistant can be futile. However, it does not mean help is not needed!

Virtual Assistant is a freelance position, which provides clients with the freedom of only outsourcing workload when needed.

It is a remote and independent position, with no obligation to provide a working space or a company laptop. Clients will also save money on other office-space-related expenses, as well as payroll fees, with no need to pay national insurance contributions, employee tax, or holiday pay.

Hiring a virtual assistant is ideal for professionals or businesses with not enough workload or a budget for an employed personal assistant, but enough workload to struggle on their own.
About Ellie
Ellie Kubeckova started Foxllie after more than ten years of working within the music industry, in roles ranging from events to artist management.

At the age of 15, she was already organising multiple music events in Prague, Czech Republic, with these events averaging attendance of 300 - 700 people. This eventually lead her to co-work with the Czech branch of Sony Music, which carved the path for her upcoming career in the music industry.

After finishing college in 2015, Ellie decided to move to the UK to study Music Management at Southampton Solent University, which she graduated from in 2018, with a First Class degree.
After graduating from university, Ellie moved to London, where she started a management internship at Air MTM (now Rockstar Management) and eventually branched into artist management on her own, when she started managing an up-and-coming artist Jennings Couch, while simultaneously working as events and social media manager for a live music venue.

With Foxllie, Ellie aims to utilise her experience and skills to assist artists and industry professionals with their day-to-day tasks, providing them with the time and resources to focus on advancing their careers and businesses.
Admin: Inbox Management, Diary / Schedule Management, Documents / Files Organisation, Data / Contacts Organisation
Management: Project Planning & Oversight
Online: Social Media Management, Email Marketing, Website management
Research: Contact Database Building, Opportunities Research, Data Analysis
EPK Management Copywriting, Press Release, Press Packages Organisation

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