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Metadata/Excel Spreadsheet assistant

Position Metadata/Excel Spreadsheet assistant
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I’ve been helping a few music publishing companies with their metadata and I wondered if you wanted any help with yours.

I’m a Chartered Management Accountant by trade, but I only really do that because they let me play with spreadsheets all day. Over the years I’ve become a dab hand at data manipulation and process automation, which seems to lend itself well to the music industry. To give you an idea of things I may be able to help with, so far I’ve; 

  • Cleaned up a company’s back catalogue – it was full of random characters and redundant keywords that needed replacing with new keywords
  • Amalgamated 8 disorganised spreadsheets into 1 Master spreadsheet
  • Made a spreadsheet that converts album data into a CSV for each of the company’s 5 distributors at the click of a button – the distributors all wanted the data in slightly different formats
  • Made a spreadsheet that takes Source Audio export data and converts it into a Harvest Media upload CSV
  • Calculating monthly commission payments – I’ve automated this process and now run it once a month
  • CWR data input

The first consultation is free, so even if there’s nothing I can help you with, you’re not out a penny. I’m UK-based and available over teams/zoom etc. I do work full-time, so it would have to be a lunchtime/evening/weekend - whatever suits.

If there’s anything you think I may be able to help you with, please email

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