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Radiohead ‘In Rainbows’ - RotD survey on the amount paid by fans

What Price did you choose?

Survey Results

The following key figures are taken from a panel of 5,000 Radiohead buyers who were asked what price they chose for the downloadable version of the album and whether they would buy the discbox and/or the CD version of the album as well.

{{{{{ Download the survey here  }}}}

Average price per download: £3.88

28.5% of respondents said that they had decided to pay £0.00-0.01

56% said that they had paid between £0.02 and £10.00 for the download.

2.5% paid between £10.00 and £39.00 for the download.

13% said they had paid £40.00 for the download (which came free with the discbox)

* Note: Discbox Buyers received a free copy of the album in MP3 format (Discbox price: £40.00) 

Press, Media & Blog reaction

Press, media and blog reaction to the survey results. Please note that some mediapress links may no longer be valid.

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