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The Oram Awards 2022: announce annual open call for innovation in sound & music

The Oram Awards - a platform for innovation in sound, music and related technologies returns in 2022 for its 6th edition. In partnership with The Radiophonic Institute and PRS Foundation, the Oram Awards isa platform for innovation in sound, music, and related technologies to elevate the work and voices of Women, Trans and Non-binary music creators. 

Applications open to the general public from Monday 4th July to 15th August 2022

Any individual music creator, or their representative who meets the criteria can now apply.
Others are encouraged to share this opportunity with those that they think are deserving of recognition.


Named after Daphne Oram, one of the founding members of the original BBC Radiophonic Workshop, the awards aim to build on her legacy. With others she worked at the workshop creating music for the distant future, the distant past and inside the mind. Along with other women of the workshop, including Delia Derbyshire, Glynis Jones, Jenyth Worsley, Maddalena Fagandini and Elizabeth Parker, Oram played a vital role in establishing women at the forefront of innovation in newly-emerging audio technologies not only in the UK but around the world.

While many women are innovating in sound and music, their work and voices often struggle to be heard. The positive shift has been welcomed in recent times, yet it is still not a level playing field for women innovating in sound and music. Whilst it would be preferred for a women-only award not to be necessary, it has been decided that for the immediate future, The Oram Awards will be open to women, trans and non-binary creators in recognition of Daphne Oram’s pioneering status as an inspiring role model to other women who are currently under represented in electronic music.

Discover more about The Oram Awards on our website: 

“It’s been another hugely successful year for The Oram Awards, introducing another six outstanding women and non-binary artists to the growing community of winners and expanding our very dedicated production team. Our partnership with Supersonic Festival, Birmingham, for the 2021 online awards event and podcast has been brilliant. It was such a breath of fresh air working with such an organised and committed team who really understand the aims and ambitions of The Oram Awards and the artists we support. 2022 is shaping up to be another busy year ahead and excited to bring The Orams to Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival in November 2022.” 

Karen Sutton, Lead Producer - The Oram Awards

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